Friday, March 2, 2007

Being Single???

It has been three month since he leave me alone and go with other girl. It has been three month since he say that he choose that girl and ending our relationship. It has been three month since he broke his promise and also broke my faith. It has been three month since I got very acute broken heart.
But Now...
I feel like a bird that can fly away wherever i wanna go..
I don't have to worry about what I do today,and also tomorrow.
Boy is just a stupid creature in the world.
so...why I, You, and we all worry af being single. Being single is not the end of the world.Being single can make us realize about our strengths to fight and prove our existance to the world.
lets prove with create a valuable things that can make you more confidence.

Friday, February 16, 2007


what we think if we read this word? Almost people think about a women who had long hair, sexy body, faired skin, pointed nose, sexy lips, etc. But what the real beauty itself?
Beauty is not an absolute perception. It's only in one's mind.
why everybody want to be beautiful? Isn't everybody born uniquely with his or her strengths and weakneses?
Why they want to do anything in order to called beautiful by other people such as plastic surgery, dangerous make-up, expensive fashion?

Well.. in my opinion,why we do such thing but we don't make our soul become beautiful. Inner is more valuable than outer. Outer can't stay forever but inner will be lasting forever even though we go old.
so.. what are you choose? Inner beauty or outer beauty?

The Second Blog

Hai... It's me again
First of all, I want to introduce my new blog. Actually, this is my second blog. I ever been writed a blog before named cha cha your word but i need a fresh one so i create this blog.
the first purpose that encourage me to write the new one is to improve my English because in my plan, this blog will be write and publish in English. Hopefully my new blog can be useful for all. I also wish that my blog can be inspire everyone... so... enjoy ^_^